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Thing is a literary magazine, but instead of glossy paper, a .pdf, or a website, our medium is the ubiquitous e-mail message.

Every issue of Thing contains three to five short pieces — fiction, essays, memoir, poetry, and other stuff — with each issue running about 20,000 characters in length. You can read more about the kind of content we’ll publish in the email you received from us earlier. Also! We pay our authors.

To subsidize paying authors, Thing has two editions: a for-pay subscription without advertising with a $2.00 per issue price, and an ad-supported free edition.

The ad-supported edition has three ad slots: a “featured sponsor” positioned at the beginning of the issue, a center placement in the rough middle of the issue, and a closing placement near the bottom of the issue.

Each slot is allocated 200 characters of content (including a URL).

The cost for ad space is:

  • Top (featured) placement: $10.00
  • Middle placement: $6.00
  • Closing placement: $4.00

All prices are per issue; the rate is applicable as of June 2016.

Your audience is writers and readers of all genres and styles. What would you like to sell to them?

Submit your ad copy for review, along with your preference for placement (Top, Middle, or Closing position). If the ad seems appropriate for the zine, I’ll send you an invoice to pay, and your ad will appear in the next available issue ofThing!

Approved placement will be on a first paid, first served basis, so don’t wait!

Thank you, very much, for your interest in advertising in Thing. Don’t hesitate to write with any questions.Your support means a lot!

Submit Your Advertising Query

  • Please provide a valid email address that you have access to and check frequently. Sending your advertising query also subscribes you to the free edition of Thing (you can unsubscribe at any time).
  • Tell us your real, legal, full name.
  • Your advertisement must be no more than 200 characters in length, including URL, punctuation and spaces. Ad copy is subject to editorial approval. You will not be invoiced until your ad copy is approved.
  • Check all of the ad positions you would like to reserve. Available space in issues of Thing are reserved on a first sold, first filled basis.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

From MWS Media and creator Matthew Wayne Selznick.


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