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Thing is a literary magazine of fiction, non-fiction, poetry and more, published via email. We pay writers.

What We Want

Thing publishes:

  • Flash fiction and short stories
  • Creative non-fiction, essays, and memoirs
  • Poetry
  • Short plays
  • Serial fiction or article series (query first)
  • Something else..? (Query first)

Thing doesn’t publish:

  • Political pieces
  • Fan fiction or work based on, or featuring, intellectual property that is not your own
  • Previously published work

How We Want It

Each submission must be no more than 6,000 characters in length, with the sweet spot being closer to 4,500 characters. Make sure you understand that: characters, not words. Also, don’t forget that spaces and punctuation count as characters!

Thing is receptive to any genre, including no genre at all. Pieces that inspire emotion or thought stand the best chance of being accepted. Make the reader feel something. Understand the mechanics and architecture of good storytelling. Also, make sure you can write and spell, please.

How We Pay

Thing pays $5.00 USD per piece (rates for serial fiction or article series are decided on a case-by-case basis), on publication, for first English language electronic serial rights anywhere email can be sent and received. We’re paying you for the right to distribute your work in an issue of Thing, and for the right to include your work in an archive edition of the issue in which it appears. Additional rights (including, but not limited to, anthology, audio, and ebook) are negotiated separately.

Show Us What You’ve Got!

Submit your work directly to Thing with the following form. Fields marked with * are required. We respond within about twenty one days.

After you’ve submitted your work, be sure to check your email account to confirm your subscription to the free edition of Thing!



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